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Harvest time, an important event in the global calendar. People the world over await the gathering of the crops, having toiled over them since planting.  After harvest it is customary to celebrate with the harvest festival.
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The Barley shot glass would the make the perfect gift for the lover of all things Irish.
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The Barley Double Old Fashioned Pair of Tumblers have stacks of harvested barley in a fusion of diagonal and vertical wedge cuts,
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The Downes Double Old Fahioned Pair of tumblers are made up of traditional cut types, namely karo and rosettes.This combination of wedge cutting particularly compliments the shapes of tumblers. Perfect with Downes Irish Whiskey, as a birthday gift.
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The Gathering pattern signifies that special bond that's enlivened when those of that know what it means to be Irish, gather together.
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New, the Cara double old fashioned whiskey glass can also be used as a juice or water glass.  The Irish word Cara translates to “friend” in English. 
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The countryside of Ireland is dotted with a vast number of castles, each one with its own history and character.
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The Chorus pattern is dedicated to all dance troupes- be it Celí, classical or contemporary. It captures the harmony and gracefulness of dancers. The Chorus white wine glasses make a fantastic engagement gift.
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